Go from struggling entrepreneur to confident business owner

Skip years of trial and error and get straight to the part where you live your best life.

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Feel like you’re failing at this whole “entrepreneur” thing?

Imposter syndrome is a really harsh critic.

Business stuck in a no‑growth phase?

Overwhelm creeps in fast – and it can make you feel like you don’t have what it takes to be a “real” business owner. It can even hold you back from getting started.

Second-guessing every decision you make?

When you’re the only one calling the shots, it’s easy to get stuck in a whole “I don’t know what I’m doing here” spiral. Self-doubt is such a momentum killer.

Resenting your choice to leave your corporate job?

It doesn’t take long to resent something when every waking second is dedicated to stressing over it. You used to have time for friends, family, and fun.

Where freedom meets focus

Coaching for women to help focus your passion and clear roadblocks for a better business and more freedom

When you’re feeling the stress and overwhelm of business ownership, you may doubt this whole entrepreneurial path is for you. But you got into business for a reason.

Don’t give up now.

Because you aren’t failing.
You aren’t an “imposter.”

You just need the right mindset, systems, and processes to make this work.

Luckily, those things can be taught. Step-by-step guidance, support, and accountability can help you…

Turn this around, take back your time, and channel your passion into a profitable business.

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Give your business the clarity you need to succeed

Before I met with Jennifer at Acuity Path I have to say that I was feeling quite lethargic. Having run my small business for almost two decades I felt like I was on autopilot.

At Acuity Path I was given some great insight into various obstacles preventing me from operating at peak levels. They have some amazing tools to give your business the clarity you need to succeed. I can’t recommend Acuity Path enough.

— Stef, Real Estate Agent

Let’s set you up for success

Acuity’s Business Coaching for Women includes:

Accountability Groups

Being a woman in business can feel a little like living on a remote island unless you’re lucky enough to have an empowering group of people who support you.

  • Collaborate and set goals with other people who know what you’re going through.
  • Get advice, share wins, and learn from others just like you.
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women sitting on the floor with a tablet in hand with documents swirling around her.

1:1 Business Coaching

Sometimes you need experience you just don’t have yet to reach your goals. That’s where your business coach comes in.

  • Step-by-step guidance makes you feel like you can achieve anything.
  • Learn to implement proven systems and processes and get on the path to consistent business growth.


Most of us become entrepreneurs for more freedom – or at least, for a healthier work-life balance. Get the tools to set your business up and make that a reality.

  • Strategies for productivity, planning, scheduling, and more help you stop being busy and start being productive.
  • Quick tutorials and actionable tasks customized to any Acuity Program.
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Meet Jennifer

Your go-to business coach for women

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kendall, a former corporate accountant who successfully transitioned into entrepreneurship.

It wasn’t easy to get here – hello, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm – but I learned a lot on my journey.

And I became a business coach for women to share those lessons and support people like you (so you don’t have to go through the same pain).

Image of Jennifer Kendall in a Blue blouse

What makes you the right business coach for me?

I won’t sit here and list “50 reasons why I’m the right business coach for you,” but I will share what makes me different:

My story.

(And it’s your story that makes you different from anyone else who does what you do, too.)

I’ve done it all.

Spent 12 years in corporate.
Quit to become an entrepreneur.
Got scared and went back to corporate.

Realized entrepreneurship was in my blood.
Quit again – for good – and got real about being a business owner.
Did the hard work on myself to become the entrepreneur I wanted to be.

I know what it feels like to doubt every move, decision, and choice you make. I’ve had to overcome countless negative or unproductive mindsets while simultaneously learning the systems and processes that would help my business succeed.

It’s why I became a business coach for women. And why I know I can help you move past whatever is keeping you stuck right now.

That depends on where you’re at right now.

If you’re super-charged and feel good about tackling your business head-on, we can get straight to the mastermind groups and start refining the systems and processes that will set you up for success.

If imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and negative criticism of yourself as a business owner are crowding everything else out, let’s talk about breaking down those mental barriers first with 1:1 coaching.

Because you can’t take care of your business unless you take care of yourself, too.

We work together in a “done with you” style of coaching – I’m your guide, but this is your journey.

Because you are human, first and foremost.

Yes, you’re also a business owner, and you’re here to find the right business coach, but we can’t properly address business challenges without first addressing personal challenges.

That’s why my coaching style touches on it all – personal and professional issues and goals – and we always start with YOU.

What gets you fired up?
What holds you back?
What’s getting in the way of your success as a business owner?

We’ll cover that, and so much more, while we find the keys to your business success.

I wish there were a simple way to answer this.

The best gauge of whether this will work for you is whether you want it to.

You’re here for a reason:

Either you’re just so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to start to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality. (Maybe you’ve even retreated to the safety of your draining corporate 9-5.)

Or you’re ready to experience real business growth but need step-by-step guidance to implement the right systems and processes that will get you to the next level.

I’m confident I can help over your hurdle and onto the path to success.

But first, you have to want it for yourself and be willing to put in the work.

If you do, let’s talk.

This question does have an easy answer:

Just book a free strategy call, and let’s talk about you, your business goals, and how I can help guide you to success.

Your passion will change lives

Starting with yours.

  • Learn the systems and processes that support consistent business growth
  • Focus your passion and free up time and money for the people and projects you love
  • Build your business dream and create a lasting impact
  • Leave the 9-5 behind for good
  • Clear out the roadblocks that are preventing you from success

Create a clear path to your success.
Build a thriving business and live a life you love.

Women smiling, in a grey blazer, standing with her arms crossed and looks calm and confident.

As a business owner of 13 years, I struggled with a long list of things I wanted to do and the guilt of never having the time to do them.

In the 9 months following my enrollment with Acuity Path in March 2020, my business flourished! All of the items on my list were completed and I felt so productive.

Learning how to identify and create measurable goals was challenging at first but is now something I look forward to every quarter. Since creating my first 90-Day Business plan, 2 years ago, I have achieved every goal!

— Tracy, Interior Designer