Learning to live your best life
while building a better business

The world is built by entrepreneurs. Everything begins as an idea put in motion by a passionate person. But sometimes that passion needs to be focused. That’s where I come in.

My name is Jennifer Kendall, a former corporate accountant who has successfully transitioned into entrepreneurship. It wasn’t easy to do, but I learned a lot on my journey. And it’s those lessons I now share.

Entrepreneurs often feel like they’re on an island. Finding like-minded people to work through the ups and downs of business with is difficult.

But the foundation of success is support, and my workshops, coaching and accountability groups pave the road to a more well-rounded life.

"Jennifer is a terrific business trainer and coach. I have been privileged to attend her workshop on road maps and how to put systems and processes in place to help my law firm succeed."
— Waheeda Ekhlas Smith, Founder, Smith Employment Law

Together we can put you on a better path.

There are three aspects to Acuity’s entrepreneur wellness program:

Accountability Groups

You’re never alone with empowering people around you. Collaborate, set goals, pool resources, discuss wins and learn from others like you.


Taking your business to the next level isn’t easy. Having experience on your side to teach the systems to success makes anything achievable.


Get back to basics and begin building a better work-life balance. We cover communication, quarterly planning, scheduling, networking and more.

Every entrepreneur is a visionary, but not every vision is always clear.

Clear turns to cloudy when you’re overwhelmed with the day-to-day details of running a business. I help you overcome hurdles by giving you the foundations needed to conceptualize, organize and strategize for the short and long terms. Together, we can get your business — and your life — back on track.

Let's Get Going