You became an entrepreneur to serve. To make a difference. You have a purpose; a just cause.

You didn’t become an entrepreneur because you had a love of systems and processes.

Likely you avoid processes. Just the words systems and processes may overwhelm you. You are likely a fan of “inspired” action and letting your intuition lead you.

The reality is, the lack of systems and processes is costing you a lot of time and a lot of money. It is preventing you from scaling. It is preventing you from having the impact you know you can make.

This is where Acuity Path comes in.

Your purpose is to bring the magic of your message to the world. Acuity Path is here to empower your magic with operational strategies and rock-solid foundation.

Finding Your Balance

Jennifer Kendall, the founder, is a left brain thinker. She loves systems and processes. She and her husband attribute their success in running one of Canada’s 50 best managed IT companies, 6 years running, to the way they use each other’s strengths. Jennifer uses her left brain thinking to compliment her husband’s right brain magic. Her husband is the big picture, idea guy. She is the one who creates, implements and monitors all the systems and processes to make it all happen. Together, they are able to manage all kinds of change, growth and challenges.

Jennifer understands that you need both of their skill sets to run a successful business. Without her husband, she wouldn’t see the stars. Without her, they would never complete their goals. Together, they make magic happen.

Acuity Path provides the operational strategies and the foundations so you can tap into your zone of genius and increase your income and your impact.

Basically, Acuity Path helps provide the acuity, to see, hear and think clearly. When you thrive in creativity, big picture thinking and emotions, you need a partner who can provide the logical, systematic and organized thinking. Acuity Path is that partner.

By integrating your magic with the logic of Acuity Path, together we make beautiful things happen!

Transformational Change

Sometimes an entrepreneur is ready for the next level but something is getting in their way. Acuity Path has Coaches who are trained as Master Practitioner NLP coaches and have the training expertise to help an entrepreneur level up. They do this by working with the unconscious mind so they can tap into the 90% of your brain that is outside your consciousness. Acuity Path can provide the clarity of mind needed to level up.