We’ve entrepreneurs.  We set goals, we move towards those goals, and we rate our success based on those goals.  

If we miss the goal, we tend to think we failed. 

We often forget to look at where we started and see how far we’ve gone.  


It’s been a year.

A year ago, I walked into my first Taekwondo class.  Put on my first uniform and my first belt (white). 

I was the oldest one in the class.    

Everything was difficult.   What is a low block?  Push Kick?  You want me to yell?!   

I remember watching videos in slow mode over and over as I tried to teach myself the first pattern because I didn’t want to fall behind.  

I remember how sore I was the first few weeks—Epsom salt baths after class.  Deep Blue muscle rub in the morning and before bed so I could attend the next class. 

A year later, I’m still there.  

I still struggle with cardio.  My instructor smiles at my groans because she knows I’ll still show up for the next class.  

I still find it hard.  I learned a new kick yesterday, and to say I’m struggling would be an understatement.  My instructor asked me why I had spaghetti legs.  What?! 

 I still get sore.  I’m still the oldest.  I’m the slowest. 

But look how far I’ve come.

If I only looked forward, I’d never see just how far I’d actually come.  

I can see so much change when I stop and look back at where I started. 

Sure I’m still the slowest, but we’ve all gotten faster. 

I can’t kick you in the head yet, but I can kick you in the stomach. 

I’m sore after class because I work hard and give it my all.  I no longer need Deep Blue muscle rub or Epsom salt baths after every class. 

My balance is better.  My confidence in my physical abilities is way up.  I have some muscles. 

I’ve graded twice and passed twice.  I’m now a yellow/green belt and hope to grade again by the end of the year.  

What do you see when you look back?

Looking back, I realize I have a lot to be proud of. 

What would happen if we looked back on our businesses?  Would you see the progress you’ve made? The improvements, the changes, the wins?  

Would you see that your revenue might not be on target, but it’s higher than last year?   Perhaps you didn’t achieve all your goals 100%, but you moved forward and accomplished a lot. 

Maybe you would see the obstacles that you navigated or avoided. 

Try it now. 

Look back and see how far you’ve come.  Because if you’ve been taking action, I know you have moved forward. 

Congratulations.  Way to go!  I’m proud of you.  I am pleased you keep going; you haven’t given up. 

Looking back on things, the view always improves.

Walt Kelly

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