Clairty and Focus

When you say good-bye to a brand, it is hard not to compare a new idea, a new vision to the old. 

This was the reality as we faced rebranding.  Our old brand was about mastery.  Mastery of your craft, mastery of processes/systems and mastery of self.   It worked and I loved it.  Finding something new, something I loved just as much was going to be hard.  

It is because of this, I knew that I wanted to cleanly say goodbye to the old and welcome in a fresh new brand.  One that was different enough, one that would be hard to compare to the old brand.  

I reached out to brilliant people for help. 

My first few ideas were not good.  Bad actually.   Blue helix?   But slowly, with the help of others, an idea started to take place.  A few refinements and finally we had a winner.  

Introducing Acuity Path

The vision of Acuity Path, started as a seed from traditional ideas of left brain and right brain thinking.   I would be considered a left-brain dominant thinker.  I thrive in logic, systems and processes, and love order.  The foundation of my business is sharing these systems/processes with entrepreneurs, especially the creative or right-brain dominant entrepreneurs, so that they can thrive in business. 

This was the seed.  What blossomed was something beautiful. 

The idea of right-brain and left-brain thinking is not as black and white as you may think.  Today, neuroscientists know that the brain communicates and collaborates between the two hemispheres.  The two sides do work together.  Let’s use music to demonstrate what I mean.  It is believed that to produce and respond to music is a right-brain function.  Yet, processing musical elements, such as pitch, tempo and melody engages many different areas of the brain including the left hemisphere.  It’s now believed that appreciating the emotional dimension of music may be a left brain function.   This is actually no surprise to me.  In high school, I was a gifted math student, but those that challenged me for top marks were those students that were also in theater arts and band.  The smartest students also excelled at the arts. 

Holistic brain thinking got the roots growing.  

The idea really started to bloom when I started to think about my journey.  Many years ago, I left my accounting career to join my husband in his business.  We had just bought a second business and the idea was that I would manage one of the businesses and he would manage the other.  It was a big challenge for me — one I wasn’t ready for. After three years, I “fired” myself and returned to the corporate world.   When my husband and I decided to try working together thing again, we had grown a lot and we approached things very differently.  This time, we managed the businesses together.  He managed the parts he was good at and I managed the parts I was good at.  

Today, if you look at the organization charts for all of our businesses, they are all managed the same.  Shawn is our visionary officer.  I am the operations officer.  Shawn is the big picture, idea guy.  I am the one that executes and makes things happen.  Regardless of who the founder of the business is, whose zone of genius the business is based on, this is the set up.   This has led to far fewer arguments, better managed businesses and an ability to handle change, growth and challenges.  

It works because we use the strengths of the other for the greater good of the whole.  Basically, we use our zones of genius to create kick-ass businesses.  

Bottom line, you need both the creative and the logical sides to create success in business.  Without Shawn, I wouldn’t see the stars.  Without me, we would never complete our goals. 

This is where the seed and the roots took hold.   In order to thrive in business, you need a big vision AND the ability to hear, see and think accurately and clearly to make forward progress. You need both Acuity and vision. When you thrive in creativity, big picture thinking, and emotion, you need to partner with someone who is more logical, systematic, and organized.  If you are lucky, like me, you might have a business partner that is your other half.  When you don’t have the other half, there is me! 

This is how Acuity Path Training and Coaching blossomed.

I provide the path for you to hear, see and think clearly.  I do this by providing systems and processes so you can focus on your genius and focus on serving those you are here to serve.    

The other side of Acuity Path

It was in a blink of an eye that I realized that there was another side to Acuity Path.  I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP.  I know the power of the unconscious mind.  I know that when we want change to happen quickly, we need to work with the unconscious mind.  I know that when the processes and the systems still don’t work, it means that something is running unconsciously and outside of our awareness that we need to have a look at.   I know that we can create transformational change for an entrepreneur.  We do this by working with our conscious and unconscious minds.  We do this by improving the acuity of our mind.     

The Future

The future is exciting!  We can’t wait to update our website and start to share our story again.  The origin story of Acuity Path is as dramatic as any origin story (you can read about it here and here), and our future is full of hope and promise.  

We look forward to integrating my logic with your magic and tother making beautiful things happen.

“Two minds are smarter than one. Two hands are stronger than one. Two hearts are mightier than one. Two souls are greater than one.”

Matshona Dhiwayo