Learning to Vacation…

at home! In October when I realized I was burning out I knew I had to make some changes overall. A Facebook memory also reminded me that it had been a year since my last vacation. How did I allow … Read more

Lesson in Good Enough

It’s not perfect, it’s not pretty, but it’s good enough. On the night of October 12th, I was woken up to my husband struggling to stand up. His back was done. He was already struggling the week before with his … Read more

The 5 Batteries

Are your batteries full or empty? I was just so tired. These are the words I said to my coach only a couple of months ago. And I felt it. I felt completely drained. I felt angry. I was once … Read more

Lesson noted vs. Lesson learnt

When does it become a lesson learnt? I fully believe that mistakes are just mis – takes. They are bumps on our journey that provide learnings. They are lessons learned. Yes, I read a short blog post about the difference … Read more

I forgot to take a vacation …

I’m learning the importance of rest. The Facebook memories popped up on my phone. It’s been a year since my travel last vacation. I try to take a week “off” each quarter. We are self-employed so we are never really … Read more

It’s a year of thinking differently…

Including gifting. As difficult and different as this year has been, I cannot believe that it is the end of October as I type this. However, I suddenly realize that the holiday season is around the corner. The holiday season… … Read more


I hope we don’t lose the fun of Halloween… An article was posted on Global News about Halloween. Encouraging people to find alternatives, avoiding parties, wear masks and use tongs to give out candy. I get it. I do. I … Read more


What you appreciate appreciates. We promote appreciation in our processes. We encourage it. We base a lot of our teaching and programs around it. So it’s importance is not a surprise to me. What is surprising to me is how … Read more

Learn to say no…

so you can yes to the best! I used to say yes a lot … a lot. I still do sometimes but I have learned some management tools to help me. If I was asked to do something, my first … Read more

Lessons from wine country

How do I do business with you? I recently had the opportunity to do a presentation to a group of female entrepreneurs. We were talking about Relationship Marketing. One of the things we talked about was the three-legged stool. The … Read more

The year didn’t go as planned

Maybe it’s a good thing…. I’m a planner. I plan, schedule, make lists. I remember that my plans, my itineraries were jokes at my wedding. I’ll take it … because if you must know, my wedding was a success with … Read more

Sharing my Voice

Write, delete, write, delete… My phone is in my hand and I’ve typed a comment to a post. I then pause, delete it. Write a different response, pause and delete it. Likely I never leave a comment. I’m sitting with … Read more