Today it was nice enough to sit out on my deck while eating lunch. Later after I finished a meeting, I stepped outside again to take a 5-minute break and enjoy the sun and fresh air.  

I think it was the first time I felt like spring was here. Summer is coming. (Let’s ignore that they are calling for snow in a few days). 

With spring on my mind, I got thinking of spring cleaning.   The spring cleaning I started thinking of had nothing to do with putting the snowblower away or fixing the lawnmower that broke last season in the end. Nor was I thinking about opening the pool or pulling out the outdoor furniture. 

What I was thinking of was spring cleaning my head. 

It’s been a tough couple of years. It’s still challenging, and I need to do some things to create space for my brain. 

Here are some of the things I’m thinking of for myself: 

  • Declutter my physical space. When we shut down the office in April 2020, we shoved some things into storage and others in the house (it was only temporary, right?). I think it’s time to realize this is permanent and determine what needs to be donated, thrown out, or kept. Do we need three extra desks or six recycling bins? 
  • Declutter my electronic space. Does your desktop look like mine? Let’s be honest; I will never read that article I saved eight months ago; it is time to file or delete those files off my desktop. 
  • Reduce information overload. It’s a downside of online shopping. Once I purchase from a place, I end up with their promo emails. I don’t need more birthday candles, Star Wars Playing cards, or turtle bracelets. Time to unsubscribe. 
  • Identify my open loops and start to close them. You know all those things that take up space in your head because they are started but not done? Those are open loops. This means finishing the closet cleanout I started, the will I began to update, and the three books I have started – finish them or decide just to be done with them!  
  • Review my recurring success activities and ensure I’mI’mrking on the right things, not the wrong ones.  
  • Clean up my negative emotions and clear any limiting beliefs I’vI’veentified. I can do that with Time Line Therapy.  
  • Finally, I want to schedule and set aside regular time to be. To let my brain wander, to brainstorm, to play. I’m always keeping myself moving and busy. I think it’s time to learn to be.  

I feel really good about this list. I can’t wait to clean up and create the space I need to keep me and my business growing. I think it will be time to open the pool when I’m done! 

Create space simply to “be,” and clairty emerges for you to see.

Gabriella Goddard