Checklists are your friend.

Goals tell you where to go, but your habits and processes help you get there.   I have a process to plan my week.  A process that allows me to ensure I work on my goals and do my success activities.  … Read more

Don’t throw your junk in my backyard.

You have a bag of stuff, and I have a bag of stuff. Everyone has a bag of stuff.   What is in this bag? Well, that is as unique as you. It’s all the heavy stuff you carry around that … Read more

Manage all your great ideas…Park it!

This month, I will be running my quarterly planning workshop.  90-day planning cycles were a game changer for me when I introduced them to my businesses.   The 90-day plan works best when you stay focused on the plan you built … Read more

Quite your mind with this strategy.

I will finish February, Time Management month, with this exercise shared with me in a workshop.   In the workshop, we discussed ways to prepare for a meeting or presentation.   The trainer gave strategies for preparing in Body, Mind, and spirit … Read more

Need help staying focused? Try this!

February is Time Management month, and I want to share one of my favorite time management and focus techniques with you.   It has been around forever, but it remains very effective. Wondering what it is?  The Pomodoro Technique.  Have you … Read more

You can have control of your calendar

In our accountability group, the topic of time management comes up a lot, and I mean a lot.  Members often feel like they have no control over their calendars.  They are the whim and mercy of customers, vendors, staff, and … Read more

Celebration Time! (Sing it with me)

As entrepreneurs, we do amazing things every day.  Yet, we are so busy looking forward that we forget to celebrate.   Celebration is fun and motivating.  It’s essential to recognize your efforts, celebrate your wins and cheer for yourself when you … Read more

Six reasons why done is better than perfect

My first career was as an accountant, and I still hold my designation. As an accountant, I like precision. I remember sitting in board meetings and answering questions to the decimal point.  I remember the year that the finance department’s … Read more

Four steps to increase the chance of success

You have done the work to create your goals. You have them written down and know why they are important.  For years, this is about as far as I got. Mostly, my goals sat on a shelf and collected dust.   … Read more

The power of setting intentions

At the start of every year, there are a couple of things I like to do to help set myself up for success.  I update my vision board to represent my goals and post it on the wall by my … Read more

What is your theme for the year?

After celebrating, reflecting, and discovering in the planning workshop, I ask everyone to set a theme for the year.  It may seem like a silly exercise, but it’s not.  Let me explain.    Why a Theme? When I ask you … Read more

Ways to reduce multitasking

Last week we talked about how multitasking is not the productivity hack we thought and how multitasking leads to distractions and causes tasks to take longer.  But let’s be real.  It’s more typical to multitask than it is to not.  … Read more