Time to do some internal spring cleaning

Do you know about open loops?   Open loops are all those unfinished tasks or items running around your head. For example, a course you haven’t finished or a bill payment to be made.  They can also be something unresolved, such … Read more

How to use Parkinson’s Law to get more done

Parkinson’s Law is well known, even if you don’t know what it is called, and it plays out in everything you do.  Once you know about Parkinson’s Law, you can use it to improve your productivity.  What is Parkinson’s Law?  … Read more

What to journal if you only have 5 minutes

I love habits and routines. I love them because when you build good habits, they support you and reduce the decisions you have to make.  I have a good morning routine, one that includes journaling. I am lucky that my … Read more

Setting up a productive workspace

My favorite season is right around the corner; summer.  It is the one time of year; I’d rather be outside than inside.   With that in mind, each year around now, I start to tighten up my time management habits … Read more

Creating Zero Distraction Space.

Spring is here, and summer is coming.  This is the time of year when I spend a bit of time thinking about time management, getting more done in less time so I can enjoy more of the weather.  Time management … Read more

Two important questions to ask yourself each day.

I love processes and habits.  They help me keep moving forward even when I’m not motivated, save my energy and brain power for challenges that need solutions, and create consistency.  I also like to try things I learn about, so … Read more

Five ways to prevent burnout.

The older I get, the faster life moves. How is it April already?   The first 13 weeks of the year have been a whirlwind for me. I built a plan and then changed the plan within weeks. I’ve since been … Read more

Improve your success with these six questions.

My quarterly planning session is complete!  My business partner (my husband) spent Friday afternoon planning the next quarter. Here is what we did:  This process works for us. It’s a great afternoon of good discussion and support for each other’s … Read more

Checklists are your friend.

Goals tell you where to go, but your habits and processes help you get there.   I have a process to plan my week.  A process that allows me to ensure I work on my goals and do my success activities.  … Read more

Don’t throw your junk in my backyard.

You have a bag of stuff, and I have a bag of stuff. Everyone has a bag of stuff.   What is in this bag? Well, that is as unique as you. It’s all the heavy stuff you carry around that … Read more