Exploring the high cost of Perfectionism

When coaching female entrepreneurs, one thing I see a lot is a tendency toward perfectionism.  Perfectionism is something that I have struggled with myself. In some areas, I still struggle.  We live in a world that seems to expect us … Read more

7 Tips for conquering distractions inside and out

I’m passionate about productivity.  I love getting the most out of my day, finishing everything I planned, and achieving my goals.  However, distractions are real.  The right distraction can derail our progress. I have found that the best way to … Read more

The power of small daily steps

We often think big when we think of process improvement, growth, or change.  So big that whatever we are dreaming of becomes overwhelming. Overwhelm causes our primal instincts to activate, and we will often run in the opposite direction or … Read more

Be where your feet are

There are two reasons to manage your time or increase your productivity.  One is so you can spend less time doing the things you have to so you can spend time on what you want to.  The other is so … Read more

Time to do some internal spring cleaning

Do you know about open loops?   Open loops are all those unfinished tasks or items running around your head. For example, a course you haven’t finished or a bill payment to be made.  They can also be something unresolved, such … Read more

How to use Parkinson’s Law to get more done

Parkinson’s Law is well known, even if you don’t know what it is called, and it plays out in everything you do.  Once you know about Parkinson’s Law, you can use it to improve your productivity.  What is Parkinson’s Law?  … Read more

What to journal if you only have 5 minutes

I love habits and routines. I love them because when you build good habits, they support you and reduce the decisions you have to make.  I have a good morning routine, one that includes journaling. I am lucky that my … Read more

Setting up a productive workspace

My favorite season is right around the corner; summer.  It is the one time of year; I’d rather be outside than inside.   With that in mind, each year around now, I start to tighten up my time management habits … Read more