The signs of summer are all around me.  The first grass cut, Maple keys falling from the trees, my local chipmunk family collecting as many as possible, and my Peonies getting ready to bloom.  I can feel summer in the air.  It’s whispering its sweet nothings in my ears – sunshine, trips, and lazy afternoons by the pool. But that sweet song can be a siren call of guilt for this enterprising woman. Around this time, I start to wonder, can I truly embrace the season’s carefree spirit while keeping my businesses thriving?

I know the answer:  Absolutely! In fact, summer can be a time for strategic planning, boosted productivity, and, yes, even some well-deserved R&R.  It just takes a little planning to make it happen. And now is the perfect time to create those plans. 

Let’s bust the myth that summer equals sluggish business. By planning ahead and implementing a few key strategies, you can be a shining example of a woman who has it all – a flourishing business and a rejuvenated spirit.

The Power of Planning: Your Summer Roadmap

Think of summer as a road trip. You wouldn’t hit the open highway without a map, would you?  The same goes for your summer as an entrepreneur.

Effective summer planning is more than just penciling in a vacation. It’s about creating a balanced schedule that allows for personal rejuvenation, family bonding, and sustained business growth. By strategically planning your summer, you set the stage for enhanced productivity and well-being. Here’s how to do it:

1. Define Summer Goals: Balance Business and Pleasure

Set clear goals for what you want to achieve over the summer, both in your business and personal life.  What do you want to accomplish over the summer?  Go to the beach? Take a road trip?  What business goals do you want to make happen this summer?  Is there a summer home project you want to take on?  

For those bigger goals and projects, define your milestones and consider setting rewards for reaching them.

You want to get clear about how you want the summer to look and feel so you can put a plan in place that will help your business thrive while still enjoying your life.  

2. Schedule a Vacation: Prioritize Your Well-Being

One of the most crucial elements of summer planning is scheduling a vacation. Whether it’s a far-flung getaway, a relaxing staycation, or an adventurous road trip.  Treat it as a vital appointment. Without setting this time aside, letting work encroach on your downtime is easy. Remember, taking a break is essential for recharging your creative and mental energy.

Put it in your calendar, block off the time, and book the trip. This will ensure you make time for it and don’t let the summer pass you by.  

3. Plan Summer Activities: Create Excitement and Anticipation

Gather your family and plan your summer activities. This collaborative effort ensures that everyone has something to look forward to and strengthens family bonds. Whether it’s weekend trips, BBQs, or a day at the beach, having a schedule helps you make the most of your summer.

Again, book these plans in your calendar. 

4. Unplug to Recharge

One challenge when we are taking time to recharge, have fun, or simply spend time with our friends and family is staying focused and present.  

The easiest way is to make a decision and be where your feet are.  I loved this saying when I heard it, and I have it up on my desktop to remind me.   Choose to be present and focused on the task at hand.  I find setting good boundaries helps.  Those boundaries also apply to me.  This means shutting down when I say I’m going to shut down.   And more often than not, unpluging. Give yourself permission to have fun, turn off notifications, put away your laptop, and immerse yourself in the moment. This full presence during family time or personal relaxation is key to truly enjoying and benefiting from your summer activities.

Optimizing Work Schedules

5. Create a Flexible Summer Schedule

Consider adjusting your work hours to allow for spontaneous summer fun. Whether it’s closing early on Fridays or taking advantage of long daylight hours, a flexible schedule can significantly boost your summer enjoyment. Communicate this schedule with your family so they can support your dedicated work times.

I like to create a schedule that also works with my energy and focus times. I’m most productive Monday through Wednesday. So, in the summer, I will work later on those three days. By Thursday afternoon, I have the option to shut down early, and Fridays are only half days. 

6. Arrange Childcare: Ensure Peaceful Work Time

Plan for your children’s summer activities in advance. Look into camps, collaborate with other families for shared childcare, or structure your day with dedicated work and play times. This ensures you can work efficiently while your children are engaged and entertained.

And when you shut down and are with them, be present. 

Enhancing Productivity

7. Monday Power Jumpstart: Kickstart Your Week

Begin your week with a powerful start. Use Mondays to set the tone, tackling the most critical tasks and setting priorities. This approach can give you a strong momentum that carries through the week, making it easier to take advantage of your flexible schedule later on.

Consider getting up early and getting a head start on the week.  Or maybe Mondays are the day you ensure you have a distraction/child-free day so you can focus.  Use whatever techniques you use to stay focused.  I like to use Pomodoro’s to keep me motivated—25-minute working sprints, followed by 5-minute mini-breaks, with a beautiful 25-minute break after four 25/5 rounds.  I usually get outside for those longer breaks to remind me why I’m pushing myself hard on those kick-start days. 

8. Mix Business with Pleasure: Work + Play = The Perfect Blend

Summer offers unique opportunities to blend business and pleasure. Attend industry meet-ups, networking events, or informal gatherings that allow you to expand your business contacts while enjoying social interactions. These events can be both productive and enjoyable.

Leveraging Community Support

9. Join a Mastermind Group: Find Your Growth Tribe

Find a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who can support your growth and hold you accountable. A mastermind group provides a platform to brainstorm, share challenges, and stay motivated throughout the summer.


By adopting these strategies, you can easily navigate the summer months, balancing professional ambitions with personal fulfillment. However, life happens.  That leaves with the final tip: 

10. Conduct a Mid-Summer Check-In

Halfway through the summer, take time to review your progress. Assess your business goals and personal satisfaction. Are you meeting your milestones? Are you enjoying your summer? Use this review to make any necessary adjustments to your plans. 

Schedule that review now.  Better yet, schedule one each month.

Embrace the summer with a proactive mindset, and watch as you achieve a harmonious blend of work and play, leading to a more productive and enjoyable season.

Let us know what you are doing to create a thriving and fun summer. 

When all else fails, take a vacation.

Betty Williams

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