I teach you how to set goals, how to break them down, how to plan for them, and how to monitor them. 

I teach you to use a parking lot for those ideals, brainstorms, and moments of inspiration that happen between the quarters.  Park them until the next planning session, when you can evaluate it.  

I teach you that accountability is a great way to help you make your goals happen because it’s just hard to do it alone. 

What I don’t talk about is when to let a goal go. 

Last year I watched someone plan each quarter.  Each quarter they struggled to achieve their goals.  Each quarter they let the chaos of life get in the way. 

I watched, knowing that the struggle was more than chaos.  I asked questions and gave suggestions, but they took time to realize why they struggled. 

They were struggling because it was time to let their goals go, and it was time for new goals.

When they realized that HOW they wanted to achieve their dreams had changed, they changed their goals.  Today, they are more often than not making their goals happen.  

This story is the inspiration behind this blog.  How do we know when we are uncomfortable about a goal and need to push through vs. when is it time to let it go?  

To help you determine the answer, I suggest the following questions:  

  1. Is your goal someone else’s goal/dream? 
    • One of the things I talk about in our goal-setting workshops is that a goal has to be meaningful TO YOU.  If it’s not, you will struggle to make the goal happen.  If you realize that the goal is not yours, let it go.  
  2. Are you feeling disconnected from your goal?  
    • Feeling disconnected is a red flag.  Feeling tired or fatigued is different.  Being tired and feeling fatigued means you need a rest.  Feeling disconnected means, it might be time to let it go.  
  3. It’s taking forever to get there? 
    • It might be time to pause and see if you have been getting stop signs and ignoring them.  It might be that the dream is still valid, but the specific goal or how might need to be released.  
  4. Are you done fighting? 
    • Is there something else that you keep looking at?  Something else that looks, sounds, feels more appealing and positive?  Maybe it’s time to let go and move on. 

A word of caution.  Whether you decide to keep the goal or let it go, make sure your decision is based on moving towards your dreams vs. running away from pain.  You might be running away from pain if you worry about what others will think of you, want from you, or can give you.  You are running away from pain if you focus on getting something, so you don’t lose out, get penalized, or don’t get humiliated or disappointed.  

If you are making any deciding in, you will find yourself struggling once more. 

I believe in goal setting.  It gives you focus, a direction to move, and something to push you beyond your comfort zone.  However, let it go when it is time to let the goal go.  

You will thank yourself for it.  

Is there a goal you need to let go of? 

Some people believe that holding on a hanging in are signs of strength. However, there are times in life in which it takes much more strength to just leg go.