As a coach, my job is to help my clients see their potential and to help them know that they have everything they are looking for inside of them. 

I believe that no one is broken. We are all imperfectly perfect and engage in a lifetime of learning and growth. 

I love Lego because Lego offers us many benefits and supports my belief that we are not broken.  

My husband and I love to build Legos together. We create small Lego displays to celebrate May the 4th (Star Wars), Halloween, and Winter/Christmas. We are also building a Lego street.

It’s a great way to spend time with my husband. Usually, I pull the pieces, and he puts the pieces together. It’s a lovely quiet afternoon/evening of downtime and quality time together. 

I had to put our Legos away recently as we are starting renovations. As I packed them up, I thought about some of the benefits Lego provides.  

Benefit 1:  Reminder that you are not broken

I wrote about this lesson in 2020 after my husband shared an Instagram Post from Terry Crews.

In the post, he shared a finished Lego Starfighter and how Lego teaches him about life.

He shares that “human beings are like Legos – just because you are in pieces, does that mean you are broken? NO. You sometimes just have to disassemble and put all the parts back right again – and that takes time, perseverance, and a ton of patience. But if you never quit, you will achieve your goals. Remember – YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, YOU ARE JUST NOT FINISHED. KEEP BUILDING!”

I loved this post then and still do. 

You are not broken. You are just a work in progress. 

We need to constantly check in and see what is working and what is not. Then break apart the parts that are not and build new habits and beliefs to continue to learn and grow. 

As a coach, I like to help my clients with this type of growth and development. 

Benefit 2: Charges my batteries

I discuss the importance of our five batteries:  Rest, Play, Social, alone, and Health. 

These five batteries need to stay charged to keep us from burning out.  

Sitting down and spending time with my husband to build Lego helps charge a number of my batteries.  

First, I get to spend time with my husband, not zoned out watching TV, but working on a project together. 

I find it relaxing as I am away from my desk, chores, and to-do list. We often enjoy a glass of wine while building Lego. There is no rush; we can stop at any time and continue when we want. 

Finally, it fills my need for play, and it’s fun to build and set up.  

Overall, it’s a great battery charger. 

Benefit 3:  Creates Space 

In Neil Pasricha’s book The Happiness Equation, he talks about creating space. It’s his 6th secret to happiness. 

He describes space as when you do nothing and let your mind go. Activities he lumps into are sitting at the beach, journaling, hiking, and working out. 

Pasricha believes when we do something different, we activate a different part of our brain, allowing us to see things in a different context and may even allow a solution to appear to a problem we might have been stressing over. 

For me, this happens when I am building Lego. 

The instructions guide me to the right piece and quantity. I don’t have to figure anything out; I just need to follow the instructions. 

Lego helps me let my mind wander (especially as I wait for my husband to put the pieces I pulled together) and create wonderful space. 

If you are feeling a little burned out, exhausted, or need a break, find something like Lego to create space, charge your batteries and remind yourself how amazing you are. 

I will continue to build Lego with my husband because I love all its benefits. Do you have something like Lego that proves these benefits?

I’d love to know what you do.

You’re not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. Everything you need is right inside of you.

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

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