In our quarterly planning workshop, we have several worksheets.  Some are optional, but most are part of the process. 

Some worksheets are designed to get clarity or focus on what your business may need—providing guidance for the year or quarterly goals. 

One worksheet designed for this purpose is what I call “Reflection.” 

On this worksheet, I ask the questions: 

  • What is going great?
  • What is not so great/needs work?
  • Stop doing?
  • Keep doing or start doing?

As part of the planning workshop, I ask these four questions to get everyone thinking about what worked and what didn’t work this past quarter.  Once you know what worked, you are asking two questions on how to change things. 

Based on what is working and what is not, what can you stop doing or change and what should you keep doing or start.  

Sometimes these four questions can provide ideas for projects or goals, or they may suggest tweaks to boundaries, schedules, or how you do something.  

I think, at a minimum, these four questions should be asked quarterly. 

However, I think they are so powerful that I ask them weekly.  These four questions are a part of my weekly planning process.   Although I ask them a little differently each week: 

  • What went right this week? 
  • What is not working, or where was I uncomfortable?
  • What do you want to keep doing?
  • What do you need to stop doing/what needs to change/what support do you need? 

Essentially they are the same questions, although a little more specific to the week and the wins and challenges I faced that week. 

I love asking myself these four questions each week because it allows me to check-in and make changes quickly. 

Because of these weekly questions, I’ve changed the flow of my ideal week.  I have been able to pay attention to my energy levels and move activities around to fit my energy.  I’ve also identified areas where I need help.  

What do you think of these four questions? 

Do you have a weekly planning process?  If you do, will you think about adding them to your process? 

If you do, I’d love to hear about any changes you make as a result!  

There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.

Oscar De La Hoya