January 3rd, 2022 – the first Monday of 2022, I was gearing up to kick butt. 

I was at my desk at 8:30, had my first meeting at nine and, was hosting the weekly working group at 10! 

My intentions were set, and I had a lot to do. 

Then before the working group was over, I learned that my in-person Taekwondo classes were canceled, there would be no more movies or dinners out.  The holiday gatherings I had planned for that weekend were in jeopardy (later canceled).  I felt like I had been kicked in the gut.  I was angry.  I vented to my husband while on mute in the working group.  

Then at times, I just wanted to put my head in my hands and cry.  Thankfully I know how to state control and controlled those tears until I was alone.  

Of my working group members messaged me and shared their grief and anger with me.  They were already experiencing appointment cancelations.  I understood.  It’s frustrating. 

As I took my lunch break, I realized I had no motivation or desire to head back up to my desk and work.  My ability to kick butt was diminished.  I wanted wine, a bath and, a frivolous book.  

Eventually, I did wonder back up.  I made a real and raw Facebook post to let people know they were not alone.  I chatted with friends and cleaned up some emails. 

That’s it.  That’s all I had in me to do.  

No blog post got written. 

Month-end did not move forward. 

I didn’t prep for tomorrow’s meetings.  

Eventually, I closed my day and walked away.  Dinner, wine, and a movie cuddled up with my favorite person were my evening activities.  

I finished the day by documenting what I’m grateful for and the wins I did have.  There is nothing like gratitude and celebration to remind yourself of the good in your life.    

Today, I woke up with the intent to kick butt.  

I’ve networked, I’ve had meetings, figured out how to send my first newsletter of 2022 through a new platform (yay me!), and I’m writing that blog I abandoned yesterday.  

Can you have a bad day? 

Yes.  You are human, after all. 

The key is to limit how long you are taken out by the bad day.

Once I recognized, acknowledged, and named my feelings (rage/anger and grief/sadness), I was able to feel them, process them, and make plans to clear them.  I then accepted that the rest of the day would be what it was.  I gave myself permission to let the rest of the day just be. 

Seriously, I didn’t need to add to the yuk of the day by beating myself up for not being the best version of myself. 

By taking the time, giving myself permission, I can bounce back so much faster. 

I’m still sad, I’m still angry, and I’m trying to wrap my head around attending Taekwondo on zoom.  However, I’m back to going after my dreams. 

Yes, I can have a bad day. 

I will also get back up, dust myself off, and keep going.  

Okay, so you had a bad day. Don’t let it sprial you into a mindset of doom and gloom. Get back int your power. Remember, you are who you choose to be.

Karen Salmansohn