7 ways to be productive when burnt out

Have you ever been burnt out? You know that feeling of being so very exhausted. With that exhaustion comes the overwhelm and feeling depleted, like everything is weighing on your shoulders.    Even though you love what you do, you can’t … Read more

Let’s make a mindset shift about time.

There is an activity I do with some of my clients to uncover your interests.  When we do the exercise, I look at what you like to talk about, research, acquire, contemplate, and know a lot about.  If you look … Read more

An Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon:  A Mastermind

When I left my corporate job to become an entrepreneur, I was unprepared for it. I became overwhelmed, lonely, and consumed overnight.   Where I once knew my part of the big picture, I suddenly was the big picture. I had … Read more

The Cost of the Hustle Culture

In my January newsletter, I discussed my new habit this year.  I shared how I like the idea of listening to podcasts and audiobooks but couldn’t find the space to do so.  In my planning workshop in December, a member … Read more

End the year strong with ROAR

I love new beginnings.  I love the start of a new day, week, month, quarter, and, most especially, a new year.  I love that each new beginning is an opportunity to improve.  Now that you know this about me, you … Read more

Is Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back? How to Overcome it.  

Imposter Syndrome is something many people struggle with—those feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, or unworthy of their success.   Despite apparent successes, people still feel like a fraud. They downplay compliments and attribute their success to others or luck.   Many of my … Read more

Why routines are good for your business

People usually think it’s too much when people see my calendar or hear about my success systems. They feel the structure will suffocate, prevent creativity, or take too much time. The reality is the opposite.  When I suggest clients create … Read more