The one calendar to rule them all.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. Michael Altshuler Between my husband and I, we own three companies and have staff.  We are also landlords and caregivers.  Besides these responsibilities, I am also a … Read more

3 Habits for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is an emotional roller coaster.  It is risky.  It can be lonely.  However, it can also be very rewarding.   It can be everything you have ever dreamed of.  Today I am sharing three habits you need to … Read more

Tools that make you go Hmmm

Have you ever done a time study?   If you have, do you like doing them?   I have done many time studies.  I also like doing them.  Or at least I like the knowledge I gain from them.  It’s been a … Read more

Summer Productivity

In our Q3 planning workshop, we are going to talk about staying productive over the summer.  There is something about the period between the May long weekend and labour day.  At least there is here in Ontario, Canada.  During these … Read more

Structured and Flexible

Recently I wrote a blog about keeping myself on track.  I wrote about my structure and processes for creating my goals and planning my quarters, months, weeks and days.   The next week, something came across my desk talking about being … Read more

Keeping Myself on Track

In January I attended a group strategy session. I didn’t need to go. My year was already planned. I went to see a different system, I went for the community. What I got out of the experience was the realization … Read more

Stronger than I Thought

I am stronger than I thought. Likely you are too. I have shared my journey of the elimination diet.  From “Failing to plan” to hitting the “Messy in the middle”.  Today, or at least as I write this, I’m done!  … Read more

Walk In A Good Way

On March 10, 2021, I saw a keynote from an Indigenous woman named Gabrielle Scrimshaw.  Gabrielle shares an incredible story.  She is soft-spoken, compassionate, vulnerable, and incredibly brave and courageous.  You can’t help but lean in when she speaks.   At … Read more

Messy In The Middle

It’s real. I first learned about the 66 days to create or change a habit in Robin Sharma’s book “The 5 AM Club”. I really liked that book and still use many principles from it. Before reading the book, I … Read more

Fail to plan, plan to fail

And other lessons. Ben Franklin was quoted as saying “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. My husband said, no plan is also a plan. Last year, for a number of reasons, my husband I had our … Read more

Do They Work?

Vision Boards can be magical but they are not magic. I was liking and commenting on social media when I saw some ask about vision boards. Do people create them and do they find them useful? It that time of … Read more

Creating Faster Success

Write it down! It’s the start of 2021! You made it! Congratulations! Did you make a resolution? If you did, did you abandon it already? 25% of people will abandon their resolution within 7 days. 7 days! I don’t believe … Read more