As entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking forward.  When we accomplish something, we quickly start looking forward again.  We don’t stop and celebrate. 

This is why I build celebration into everything I do.  

Do not be discouraged by the distance you still have to travel. Instead, appreaicate how many “life miles” you have already covered. Your struggles have changed you into a stronger and better person. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from blooming ointo the person you are meant to be. Kep walking.


As entrepreneurs, we set goals, and we work hard.  Many never pause and consider their wins, regardless of how small.  They don’t celebrate because they feel it is self-centered or they don’t have enough time.  Most don’t even think it is worth considering because there is always another goal or the next step. 

These are the same entrepreneurs who feel like nothing ever gets done; there is a never-ending pile of tasks, and productivity often suffers.  All of this leads to burnout. 

Some entrepreneurs tell me that they don’t believe in celebrating until they meet milestones. 

As a parent of a child learning to walk, we don’t wait to encourage, cheer and celebrate until they can walk down the hall.  Instead, we cheer and celebrate every attempt, every fall, every wobble.  We encourage the child, and we celebrate their commitment. 

When did we stop celebrating every small step, every attempt? 

When did we stop celebrating ourselves when we have a small win?

When did we stop acknowledging the attempts? 

I don’t know about anyone else; the hardest thing for me is to keep going after a fail.  If that is the hardest thing, why aren’t we raising the roof when someone gets up to try again? 

For an entrepreneur, that could be a no to a large contract; it could be a failed launch or a customer complaint.  It could be a horrible personal event that threatens to take you out of the game. 

Each time that entrepreneur picks up the phone for the next possible no, or edits and launches again, or keeps showing up for their clients even as their personal life sucks, these entrepreneurs should be celebrating.  They got back up.  They kept going. 

Celebrating changes our physiology.  Just spending ten seconds reviewing what you have achieved can improve your attitude and increase your energy. 

Celebrating doesn’t mean having a party or buying yourself a present.  Celebrating can be small, and it can be done alone or with others. 

I love celebrating others and with others.  This is why I have embedded celebration into many areas of my business: 

  • I start all our accountability meetings by asking everyone to celebrate a win. 
  • I begin all of our planning workshops with a celebration 
  • I start every meeting in our companies with a win celebration. 

It is also essential to celebrate myself regularly, which is why I finish every day with a review of what I accomplished to acknowledge my wins from the day. 

When the wins are more significant, I do something bigger.   

Celebrating our wins, even our small wins, motivates us.  It shows us that we are moving forward.  It increases our energy and our attitude.  It also helps focus us.   

I invite you to try it.  For the next 30 days, spend 5 minutes at the end of the day documenting your wins.   See if it makes a difference.