I’ve focused a lot the last few weeks on processes, productivity, and goal setting.  This week, I’m going in a different direction.  

It was a Monday, and my husband and I got some news that created a lot of uncertainty and overwhelm.  My emotions were all over the place, and I spent the rest of the day (and week) distracted and unfocused. 

I’ve talked about how we can have a bad day in my previous blogs and how I don’t get too upset because I know I will get my commitments done, because my bad days are infrequent and because I am always doing my best.   

However, after a week of struggling to focus and stay committed to my plan, I felt a little down on myself.  I had not been at my best for several days.

Then I saw this picture: 

Followed by this quote:  “Do not think less of yourself just because today you are not at your best.” 

And this post from @dinosandcomics:  

I got the message loud and clear. 

Every day, I got up and did the best I could.  I was still getting things done, keeping my appointments, and showing up for my clients.   I only let my emotions and overwhelm take over when I was alone.  

The commitments I missed were ones I made to myself.   I didn’t write a blog that week.  I spent my personal development time lost in my head and made some poor food choices (eating for comfort). 

These quotes, graphs, and comics reminded me that I did my best every day, and my best just looked different from the week before.   

I was reminded that when I was building my vision for Acuity Path, one of my guiding principles was that it was ok to have a bad day, just not ok to have a bad year.

As I sit here writing this blog, I realize I’m more focused this week.  Things aren’t easier, but I’m managing my emotions better, and I keep focusing on doing my best, being kind to myself, and giving myself space when I need it.   

My message to you this week is to do your best every day, knowing that your best today might be different than your best tomorrow.  

You got this!  

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.

Oprah Winfrey