The older I get, the faster life moves. How is it April already?  

The first 13 weeks of the year have been a whirlwind for me. I built a plan and then changed the plan within weeks. I’ve since been expanding my knowledge and assessing what I want to create in my business. 

Now it’s time to start to put into action what I envision.

As excited as I am, I feel overwhelmed by all my ideas. Do you ever feel like this?  

As an accountant working for a national insurance company, I worked many long hours and often felt like my job ran my life.   When I became an entrepreneur, I promised myself I would have a better life-to-work ratio. 

Very quickly, I broke that promise to myself. I found myself giving up activities that I loved to work more. I discovered that my life had become my business.  

It is no surprise that even before the pandemic, I suffered from burnout. By the fall of 2020, I was struggling more than ever.  

The fall of 2020 was mainly spent resting and recovering. Over two years later, I still feel like I haven’t fully returned to my prep 2020 work levels. 

As I look towards implementing these ideas and changes I want in my business, I worry I’ll get so hyper-focused that I’ll forget to recharge and fall back into my old patterns. 

To avoid burnout and reduce my stress, I looked at the concept of the five batteries. The five batteries are Health, Rest, Play, Social, and Alone. I know that when my batteries are charged, I’m charged.  

Looking at each battery, here are the things I will keep doing or implementing to prevent burnout.  

1. Rest: Take regular breaks

I’ve written about the Pomodoro technique. This will ensure I take regular breaks, including a more extended break after four pomodoros. I will also get myself outside for those breaks as often as possible. Five minutes of sun will make a big difference for me. 

2. Health: Exercise and eat right

I go to Taekwondo three times a week. Then in March, I participated in a sit-up/push-up/plank challenge with my husband. I will continue to find a way to incorporate daily movement/strength training into my day. 

In addition, I feel my best when I eat healthy, clean, and within the foods, my body thrives off of. 

3. Alone: Unplug

I will ensure I set aside time to unplug. Days that I don’t go on my computer, stay off of social media and avoid email.   I will commit to doing this at least once a month. It will be challenging, but unplugging will be healthy and give me a solid reset. 

4. Play: Make time for fun

This year, my husband and I made plans to go for dinner at 12 different restaurants. These are restaurants we haven’t been to in a very long time or have never been to. The first three have been fun, and we have a few others planned out, and I’m looking forward to it. 

5. Social: Get out of the house and spend time with friends

I’ve been booking and enjoying game nights with other couples, girls’ night/day outs, and more. I will make sure to continue to spend time with friends. 

I will make more of an effort to meet people face to face and re-establish those personal connections.  

Finally, I will establish boundaries and set firm guidelines for my “office hours” and when I will respond to emails and messages. This will help me make time for the five things I’m implementing to help me avoid burnout.     

How you can use the five batteries to avoid burnout

The five batteries are the same for everyone. How you choose to charge your batteries is up to you.  

Start by asking yourself which of your batteries is low. When you know which is low, you know which ones you need to build new habits for and which ones you do enough to keep charged. For example, you already have good habits for health, but your alone battery is low. Focus on what you can do to change your alone battery. 

Also, look for activities that will charge more than one battery. For example, games nights with friends are both social and play! 

What battery do you need to charge, and what will you do to charge it? 

When you feel burnout in life …
Remember, your life is becoming mechanical. 
And so you are not actually living.
In other words,
You are avoiding things that you love to do.
Get a reality check done before stress leads to depression!


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