We all have them. 

You have them; I guarantee it.  

Those activities that you do over and over again in your business.  They may be marketing and sales activities, and maybe they are admin or finance activities.   Whatever they are, you do them regularly.  

I call them success activities because they create success in a business.   

When I ran a corporate accounting team, we had checklists for each month end, quarter end, year end, and audit.  We knew when an item had to be completed, what depended on what, and who was responsible for the completion.

I knew when we were behind and who needed help through those checklists.  Those checklists are a big reason my team was known for delivering on time and accurately.   

When I became an entrepreneur, I brought this successful practice with me.   A few years later, in a training course, I found another company referring to my checklists as a cookbook.  

Given I find cooking stressful, I was not too fond of the name. 

Eventually, I re-named them success activities.  

I own multiple businesses; I have success activities for all of my businesses, and I often do like activities altogether.  For example, I do the payroll for those companies with payroll at the same time.  When I prepare tax documents for the accountant, I do for all the companies with the same year end at the same time.   I find switching between companies but staying on task is easier than switching tasks within the same company.  Did that make sense? 

Some of my success activities include the number of networking events to attend each week and coffee dates or sales calls.  It also includes tasks like writing this blog, prepping social media, writing my newsletter, and processing bill payments.  

Each one of our staff also has their own success activities.  

Like when I ran the corporate accounting team, the checklists or success activities remind me of what I need to do to succeed.  It helps me prepare for my week, and because it is a list, it keeps my head clear. 

Do you have a list of success activities? 

Maybe it is an informal list, or perhaps you keep it all in your head.  

I keep a list of recurring weekly, monthly, and quarterly/yearly success activities. I review the lists quarterly to see if things have become redundant and should be removed. Anything on my list that is deliverable to others, I check in quarterly to see if the information is still needed. I hate doing things for the sake of doing them.   

When I take time off, these are the activities I look at to see what I need to do ahead of time.  Projects and goals can take time off into account; success activities often need to get done regardless, and planning is essential to ensure my time off is as enjoyable as possible.  

If you don’t have your success activities defined, I recommend you do. 

If you don’t have them written down, I suggest you do. 

You will be surprised at how much more organized and less overwhelmed you are and how much more space you create.  

If you call them something else, let me know!  

Success comes from taking the initiative and following up … persisting … what simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in you life?

Tony Robbins