When does it become a lesson learnt?

I fully believe that mistakes are just mis – takes. They are bumps on our journey that provide learnings. They are lessons learned.

Yes, I read a short blog post about the difference between lessons noted and lessons learnt. It made me pause and think and I thought I’d share it.

I don’t remember now when or how I came across Dandapani but when I did I signed up for his blog. When they come, often they contain something that makes me pause. This particular blog was about the difference between a lesson noted and a lesson learnt.

He suggests that a lesson noted is when we recognize a mistake and we make note of the lesson. However, the lesson itself is not learnt until we are faced with a similar situation in the future and this time we take a different path. We make a wise choice. Only when this happens can we move the lesson noted to lesson learnt.

He also points out that often, we have to note a lesson more than once before we learn it.

I found the distinction brought clarity to me. I mean so many times I have had an experience and noted to myself the lesson. Yet, when I make it again or don’t see the similarities in the circumstances before it is too late I get a bit frustrated with myself. I mean I already learned that lesson, didn’t I? I also have noticed that the lessons get bigger. They have a bigger bang, a bigger impact. At least until I actually learn the lesson. With this distinction it helps me understand that all those times I repeated the same error in judgement it was because I had not learned my lesson, I only noted it.

I think the goal now is to try to reduce the number of times I have to experience the lesson before learning it. Dandapani even suggests that the ideal is to have an experience just once and learn from it. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

He then suggested that the greater ideal was to learn from an experience that someone else is having. To note it and learn from through observation. I really wish I could learn this way. Instead, I feel I stubbornly have to learn it myself. Do you experience this too?

What did you think of the distinction between lessons noted and lessons learnt? Can you think of times when you really only noted a lesson vs. learnt it?

A link to the blog for your reference: https://dandapani.org/blog/

“When personal unfoldment is a priority in your life, a major priority in your life, then every experience is an opporutnity to learn.”