Do you believe there is an age limit to when you go to school?  Start a business?  Go on a Safari?

Do you believe there are age limits to when you start, finish or do certain things?    

I did.  

I thought you decided on your career in high school.  Then you followed through with your education, and you were lucky if you found a job that aligned.  

I thought that going back to school in your 30’s was crazy. 

I thought that you only learned to play the piano when you were young. 

I thought that if you were going to start a business, you should do so in your 20s so you could recover if it failed.  

I had so many false beliefs.  

Today, I think very differently.  

I started my current business at 45.

I have secretly wanted a Jeep since 2003.  A dream I made happen in 2019.   

My husband had wanted to fly planes since I met him when he was 20, and he signed up for ground school at 45. 

Today I think that you are never too old to pursue your dreams, and I believe you follow them when you are ready.  The when is unique to each of us, and we are on our own journeys. 

The reality is, I wasn’t ready to start my own business until I was 45.  

I didn’t have the confidence to say yes to my dream of owning a Jeep (a vehicle I didn’t think was “practical”) until I was 44. 

My husband’s journey didn’t have him saying yes to his dream until 2019. 

I have many dreams, goals still to achieve.  I want to fly in a hot air balloon, go on a Safari, hike Cinque Terre, and learn to play the piano.   My husband what to fly a bigger plane, go on an arctic expedition, and see the northern lights.  

All things I believe we can do at any age as long as we have the attitude, the mind, and the body to do so.   All things we plan to make happen.  

This is one big reason I joined Taekwondo at age 46.  I want a body and mind that will allow me to continue to go after my dreams as long as possible. 

I believe that I am just starting to live my best life, and I believe that I still have a lot to live for and do in this lifetime.  

My journey meant that I was not ready to believe in myself to say yes to my dreams until now.  Your journey will be different from mine.  However, when you receive the call from your dreams, know that it is not too late.  Know that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  If now is when you say yes, then say yes.  The world needs you to follow your dreams, regardless of what they are.  The world needs you to say yes to whatever you have been called to.  You just don’t know who is watching and needs you to lead the way.  

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis