I love time management. I love the challenge of doing more in the same amount of time or doing the same in less time. 

Either way, I love time management because it allows me to build my business while living a life I love. 

So when I found an app that promised to save me one day a week, I was skeptical.   Yet, I was curious enough to try it. 


I’ve never looked back and keep expanding my use of the app.  

In a prior blog, I shared what I call success activities. You need to do these tasks repeatedly to make your business a success, and these are different from the tasks required to make your goals a reality or misc/on time to-dos.  

I started using ClickUp for these types of activities first.   It was perfect!  

I could customize the recurring frequency and add subtasks if necessary. 

Then I started using it to plan my social media posts. I could track the images, the hashtag, the descriptions, and status.  

Then I started using it to track birthdays and gift ideas. 

Then I tried it to track the tasks in my goals and client project to-dos.  

When I wanted to create a company Wikipedia and process depository, I turned to ClickUp. 

There is more you can do with ClickUp, but this is currently what I use it for.  

I’ve created a dashboard with a reminder of my day open activities, my to-do’s by area (success activities, goals, and personal), and then a reminder of my day close activities. 

This is the first app I open each morning and the last one I close.  

I have access to it on my phone, desktop, and web browser, so I’m never without it.  

Most of what is now in ClickUp was once in my bullet journal. Therefore, I no longer have to transfer these lists from week to week, month to month, or book to book. 

Do I think it saves me a day a week? Actually, I do.  

When I start my brainstorming for the week, this is where I begin. When I need to capture a misc to-do, I add it here, quickly capturing it. If I need a template, I save it with the recurring task, so it’s exactly where I need it. 

I am constantly experimenting with this app to see what more I can do.  

If you ever want to check it out, give me a call.  

Do you have a favorite app?   I’d love to know about it! 

People often complain about lack of time when lack of direction is the problem.

Zig Ziglar