Maybe. Here are seven great reasons you should.

Have you ever attended a workshop, finished a course, or read a book and never implemented anything you learned?

Yeah, me too. It wasn’t that the content wasn’t any good. It wasn’t that I didn’t think I couldn’t improve. In fact it wasn’t the workshop, course, or books fault at all. It was me. All me. I would let life get in the way. Once I finished the book or the course I would get involved in the day to day and the book would sit on the side of my desk and never get opened again. Maybe you, too, have done this. I always wondered if I would have implemented more if there was accountability and follow up after a course, a workshop or a book.

When I started visioning my company I knew I wanted to offer something that would help my clients with follow-through to implement what they learned. I started to imagine incorporating some sort of accountability into everything we did. This idea was strengthened as I did my client research; the desire for accountability came up over and over again. It didn’t take me long to realize that even though people SAY they want accountability, it doesn’t mean that they ACTUALLY want accountability.

You will be a part of an exclusive community. Likely your invite to a mastermind group involves an application process. Your experience, knowledge, and mindset will be vetted. It would be up to the person attending the program as to whether they would opt into the accountability or not. As I started to create my programs, I stumbled across information about Mastermind groups. I realized that this was perfect! In my larger programs I could build Mastermind groups to be part of the program and if people wanted to remain a part of the community it would be a great way to stay connected by offering them on an ongoing basis. Then I realized that mastermind groups could be a stand-alone offering. And since I valued accountability and community support so much it felt… well, perfect.

This is how our Accountability Groups were formed. It is important to know that a mastermind/accountability group is not for everyone. So is it for you? That is totally up to you. Here are seven reasons that you may want to say yes!

  1. You will be a part of an exclusive community. Likely your invite to a mastermind group involves an application process. Your experience, knowledge, and mindset will be vetted.
  2. You will no longer feel alone while running your business. You will have fellow business people who get it and will turn into your advisory board.
  3. Possible collaboration! Someone in the group may become the perfect person to partner with.
  4. Grow you network. Although this is not the purpose of a networking group, it is a benefit. Not only are you adding those in your group to your network, but also their networks!
  5. Learning! Everyone in the group has unique skills and experiences and you get to learn from each of them.
  6. Growth. Working with a group of amazing people, you will not be able to help but think bigger and move outside of your comfort zone. You will find yourself doing amazing things.
  7. Fun! Through celebration and shared experiences you will have not choice but to have fun.

There you go! Seven awesome reasons to consider joining a mastermind/accountability group.

For me, I think joining the right mastermind/accountability group would help you grow as a person, help your business succeed, and add some fun while doing it. I also know that this is not for everyone. If you have questions about our mastermind/accountability groups please reach out to me. I would love to chat with you.

Have you ever been a part of a mastermind/accountability group? Tell us about your experience!

“If you find you are weak in persistence, surround yourself with a mastermind group”

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich