I’m a planner.  I am a goal setter.  I need accountability.   I hate to exercise. 

Knowing this about me likely explains why I failed every time I tried to follow a self-motivated, in-home exercise plan. 

I would start well but then find myself making excuses or would take long breaks in between sets.  I also wouldn’t push myself really hard.

Yet, it is becoming more and more important to me to ensure I am physically strong, fit, and mobile as I age.  The only way I know to do this is to get moving. 

Yet, working out at home was not working.  I need something with goals and something with the accountability of a group and a coach.  I want something fun and interesting.  I want it to be close to my house.   

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the female heroes that can fight back.  Think black widow, wonder women, or laura croft.  I started to wonder if I could learn some of that.  Could I become my own hero?  

Martial Arts? 

This is how I found myself in my first week of Taekwondo.  It has goals (belts), it has accountability from the other members and the instructor.  It seems to appeal to my interest.  Is it fun?  That is yet to be determined. 

The first class was challenging.  I was the slowest and most uncoordinated student.  The instructor even told us she had been easy on us that night.  As I walked out of the class, I wondered if I would hold the group back?  I started to think I was too out of shape and maybe too old. 

Then I remembered the advice I’ve given countless times.  Start from where you are. 

I’ve talked to entrepreneurs who want to know all the systems and tools to have in place before they start.  My advice to them has always been, just start.  You can build and get the systems and tools as you go.  You can do so much with word, excel, and email. 

We want it to be perfect the first time out.  Yet, how do we know what perfect is until we do it? And if we are growing, perfect today will not be perfect tomorrow.  We have to grow and evolve constantly.  

I kept this advice in mind as my legs hurt and burned the next day.  

I had to start from where I was.  I could only get better if I kept at it.  I may always be the slowest, but I can get faster than I am today.  I may always be a little uncoordinated, but I am learning to use my brain differently, which is good. 

I may not become Laura Croft.  But I will get stronger and faster.  I will improve my mobility, stability and gain confidence.  Yet, I have to start from here. 

I went to my second class, and the instructor pushed us harder.  Somethings I did do better.  At the end of the class, fellow students encouraged me to sign up and keep coming.  They shared some of their initial struggles that reminded me that we all start and grow from where we are.   This morning this was in my inbox:

Start by doing 1 push up. Start by drinking 1 cup of water. Start by paying toward 1 debt. Start by reading 1 page. Start by making 1 sale. Start by deleting 1 old contact. Start by walking 1 lap. Start by attending 1 event. Start by writing 1 paragraph. Start today. Repeat tomorrow.


I’m starting my journey from here.  

What a journey it is going to be.