Goal Setting in 7 Steps.

Did you miss my 90-day planning workshop?   Did you miss my 90-day planning course?  If you did, and likely you did, I encourage you to take the time now and update your plans and goals.   In my workshop and course, … Read more

The first thing I plan when setting my goals

I just finished my 90-day planning for the next quarter.    As I reflect on the process, I realize that I teach it in a different order than I actually practice when I teach the goal-setting process.     When I … Read more

Secret Weapon #1: Bullet Journal

I have always planned, and it just came naturally to me.  But how I plan has changed over the years.   Some changes happened because my life changed, others because I learned new systems and techniques. Now it changes because I’m … Read more

I call them success activities.

We all have them.  You have them; I guarantee it.   Those activities that you do over and over again in your business.  They may be marketing and sales activities, and maybe they are admin or finance activities.   Whatever they are, … Read more

But, have to, and should, oh my!

Words matter. The words we use influence our self-talk.  Our words influence how we see and feel about things.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve struggled a bit.  I’ve been grieving and managing a lot of personal challenges at the … Read more

How a process saved my week

In a previous blog, I shared how my husband and I got some news on a Monday that filled us with uncertainty and overwhelm.  I shared how my emotions were all over the place, and I was distracted and unfocused … Read more

Doing my best … it’s not the same each day

I’ve focused a lot the last few weeks on processes, productivity, and goal setting.  This week, I’m going in a different direction.   It was a Monday, and my husband and I got some news that created a lot of uncertainty … Read more

What is your ideal week?

Recently, we started talking about best practices to manage your week during one of our accountability calls.    We discussed things like when did you start your day, when did you end your day? Did you work evenings? What about … Read more

Do habit trackers work?

I’m working on building (or rebuilding) a habit.  In my quarterly planning workshop, I encourage everyone to pick one habit to build during the quarter.  One that will help them achieve their goals.   I like to put into practice what … Read more

Spring cleaning (creating space)

Today it was nice enough to sit out on my deck while eating lunch. Later after I finished a meeting, I stepped outside again to take a 5-minute break and enjoy the sun and fresh air.   I think it was … Read more

Is it a goal or a habit?

I had this discussion in a goal review session recently.   This discussion happened because, at first glance, an item on my client’s plan looked like a goal.  Yet, when we talked about it, it became clear it was a habit.   … Read more

Don’t miss twice.

At our most recent planning workshop, I updated and presented a section on habits.  I challenged the attendees to use our quarterly planning process as an opportunity/trigger to implement a new habit.   I then walked them through creating a habit … Read more