At the start of every year, there are a couple of things I like to do to help set myself up for success. 

I update my vision board to represent my goals and post it on the wall by my desk. 

I also write an end-of-year letter to myself, sharing all the fantastic things that happened. I read this letter before I write the new note. It’s interesting to see where I thought I’d be, where I am, what worked out as planned, what took a different path, and what surprised me.    

This year I’m trying something new.  


Intentions are powerful

My daily productivity went up once I started setting my intentions daily. 

As a part of my day open process, I write down my intentions for the day and declare my top three tasks. If I get the three most important tasks done, I feel accomplished.   The intentions are amazing because I state how I want my day to go. 

  • I will facilitate a powerful accountability group
  • I will make strong connections at my networking meeting
  • I will stay focused and get my work done easily and effortlessly
  • I will be present and have fun on our date night

You get the idea. 

When an email in my inbox presented the idea of setting intentions for the year they wanted to have in 2023, I thought this could be powerful! 

What is an intention?

An intention is an aim or purpose, and it is something you want to do or achieve. 

Intentions can be small – like the ones I set each day, or large – like the ones I’m setting for the year.  

An intention set’s the foundation for what you want to have, feel, and experience, which is different from a task which is just something to check off. 

My task is to facilitate the accountability group; my intention is that it will be a powerful meeting. 

A few guidelines for setting intentions are:

  • State your intentions – write them down. 
  • Make sure they are positive. (write them in terms of “I will” vs. “I won’t”)
  • Ensure they are clear and simple

As you write your intentions, notice if you feel disbelieve or doubt. These reflect limiting beliefs that you will have to shift. (I have tools that can help you with this)  

New intention setting for this year

I have experienced the power of setting my intentions daily. It works.  

So when the idea of setting bigger, longer-term intentions presented itself, I knew I had to try it!  

Here is my list of 2023 intentions. A list I will review quarterly.

I will live each day with intention

I will work less

I will work with more focus

I will spend more time with friends

I will be more present

I will connect with more like-minded people

I will go on more dates with my husband

I will be a more supportive and loving partner

I will make more time for hobbies

I will unplug more regularly

I will improve my relationships

I will exercise more regularly

I will be open to new ideas, opportunities, and ventures

I will be willing to learn new things, be open-minded, and be wrong

I will have realistic expectations of what can be done in a day

I will feel worthy, even when I’m resting

I will simplify

I will prioritize rest, pleasure, and fun without guilt and without feeling like I need to earn it

I will give myself permission to take up space in this world

I will go on more adventures

I will be more courageous and take more risks

I will think bigger and be bigger

I will be kind and supportive

I will give back

I will back my dreams and goals with action

I will make this year extraordinary

I will embrace joy on this journey

I’ve written these out in my bullet journal and put them onto a pretty document along with my theme words for the year. This document is now printed and hung beside my desk.  

What do you think of setting intentions daily or even yearly? Will you give it a try? 

Our intention creates our reality

Wayne Dyer

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