I host quarterly planning workshops. 

I teach attendees what they need to do to set goals and plan in the workshop. 

Sadly, most will not do the last step.  The step that moves the goal to a plan. 

Let me explain.  

Most entrepreneurs set goals.  Many don’t put it in writing, but they set goals.  They can even see it, taste it, feel it. 

For many, this is all they think they need and why they don’t write it down. 

If they do write it down, they stop there. 

They have the goal, and they stop.  

They don’t take the next steps, and these missing steps make all the difference.  Without the next steps, there is no plan to make the goal a reality.  

In our workshops, I teach you how to take your goal and break it down into quarterly goals. 

From the quarterly goals, we break them down into strategies and weekly tasks.  

The quarterly and weekly tasks are the PLAN.  The step that makes the difference. 

It gives you direction as to what to work on each month and from there each week.  And by checking in with your plan at least monthly (I like to check in weekly), you know quickly if you are on track or not.  

I didn’t always create a plan, and I don’t remember anyone talking about a plan or asking even to see one in my corporate days.  We spent days off-site creating goals, but we never did the planning.  

When I became an entrepreneur, I mirrored my corporate planning process and ended up with nothing to show for it at the end of the year.   Once I started 90-day planning, things got better.  When I started planning how I would achieve those goals and putting them into a weekly plan, things got even better. 

My success really started to happen when I reversed the way I built the plan.  Instead of starting from today and working forwards, I would start at the end and ask myself what is the step right before that one?  Working my way backward. 

My plans got clearer more detailed, and real success started to happen.  

Today, I know if I’m on track or not by quickly looking at my weekly plan.  I also save myself A LOT of time because I don’t have to figure out the next steps; I already know.  

It’s time for you to do your next quarter goals.  Will you take the time to build your plan as well?

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in wich we must fevently beleive, and upon which we must virorously act. There is no other route to success.

Pablo Picasso