Mindset Mastery for Success

Starting a business is like exploring a new place where no one has been before.  It’s a journey where you learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.  It’s about hitting your boundaries and having to punch through those … Read more

The Cost of the Hustle Culture

In my January newsletter, I discussed my new habit this year.  I shared how I like the idea of listening to podcasts and audiobooks but couldn’t find the space to do so.  In my planning workshop in December, a member … Read more

The secret to living a balanced life

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have it together? How do they seem to get so much done while living a full life?   I have wondered, especially when I saw fellow entrepreneurs doing such amazing, fun things, … Read more

Is Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back? How to Overcome it.  

Imposter Syndrome is something many people struggle with—those feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, or unworthy of their success.   Despite apparent successes, people still feel like a fraud. They downplay compliments and attribute their success to others or luck.   Many of my … Read more

Is a Mastermind group right for your business?

When I launched Acuity Path in 2020, I launched with the idea that Mastermind groups would be the foundation of my business.  A way I could help thousands of entrepreneurs a year.   I didn’t call them mastermind groups; however, I … Read more

Exploring the high cost of Perfectionism

When coaching female entrepreneurs, one thing I see a lot is a tendency toward perfectionism.  Perfectionism is something that I have struggled with myself. In some areas, I still struggle.  We live in a world that seems to expect us … Read more

What to journal if you only have 5 minutes

I love habits and routines. I love them because when you build good habits, they support you and reduce the decisions you have to make.  I have a good morning routine, one that includes journaling. I am lucky that my … Read more

Two important questions to ask yourself each day.

I love processes and habits.  They help me keep moving forward even when I’m not motivated, save my energy and brain power for challenges that need solutions, and create consistency.  I also like to try things I learn about, so … Read more