Exploring the high cost of Perfectionism

When coaching female entrepreneurs, one thing I see a lot is a tendency toward perfectionism.  Perfectionism is something that I have struggled with myself. In some areas, I still struggle.  We live in a world that seems to expect us … Read more

What to journal if you only have 5 minutes

I love habits and routines. I love them because when you build good habits, they support you and reduce the decisions you have to make.  I have a good morning routine, one that includes journaling. I am lucky that my … Read more

Two important questions to ask yourself each day.

I love processes and habits.  They help me keep moving forward even when I’m not motivated, save my energy and brain power for challenges that need solutions, and create consistency.  I also like to try things I learn about, so … Read more

Five ways to prevent burnout.

The older I get, the faster life moves. How is it April already?   The first 13 weeks of the year have been a whirlwind for me. I built a plan and then changed the plan within weeks. I’ve since been … Read more

Don’t throw your junk in my backyard.

You have a bag of stuff, and I have a bag of stuff. Everyone has a bag of stuff.   What is in this bag? Well, that is as unique as you. It’s all the heavy stuff you carry around that … Read more

Six reasons why done is better than perfect

My first career was as an accountant, and I still hold my designation. As an accountant, I like precision. I remember sitting in board meetings and answering questions to the decimal point.  I remember the year that the finance department’s … Read more

Success Habit: You First

I don’t know where I formed the belief.  However, I thought being an entrepreneur meant sacrifice.  It meant long hours, hard work, and giving up things you loved.  When I left the corporate world, my husband and I danced.  We … Read more

Saying no to the good

Do you have difficulty saying no?   It is something I’ve struggled with.  I think many entrepreneurs struggle with it.  Especially early in our businesses.  Yet saying no to the good so that you can say yes to the great is … Read more

Looking back to see how far you’ve come

We’ve entrepreneurs.  We set goals, we move towards those goals, and we rate our success based on those goals.   If we miss the goal, we tend to think we failed.  We often forget to look at where we started and … Read more

Life is a tapestry

My husband loves background noise, especially from movies and TV shows.  I prefer background noise in the form of music or just the sounds of life. This is how Star Trek: The Next Generation played in our kitchen while he … Read more

Accountability – starts with you

In the blog “What really is accountability,” I shared that the terms accountability and responsibility are used interchangeably even though they are different.   As a reminder:  Responsibility is all about what you are responsible for doing, and accountability is about … Read more