What is your ideal week?

Recently, we started talking about best practices to manage your week during one of our accountability calls.    We discussed things like when did you start your day, when did you end your day? Did you work evenings? What about … Read more

Do habit trackers work?

I’m working on building (or rebuilding) a habit.  In my quarterly planning workshop, I encourage everyone to pick one habit to build during the quarter.  One that will help them achieve their goals.   I like to put into practice what … Read more

Spring cleaning (creating space)

Today it was nice enough to sit out on my deck while eating lunch. Later after I finished a meeting, I stepped outside again to take a 5-minute break and enjoy the sun and fresh air.   I think it was … Read more

Is it a goal or a habit?

I had this discussion in a goal review session recently.   This discussion happened because, at first glance, an item on my client’s plan looked like a goal.  Yet, when we talked about it, it became clear it was a habit.   … Read more

Don’t miss twice.

At our most recent planning workshop, I updated and presented a section on habits.  I challenged the attendees to use our quarterly planning process as an opportunity/trigger to implement a new habit.   I then walked them through creating a habit … Read more

When do I let go of a goal?

I teach you how to set goals, how to break them down, how to plan for them, and how to monitor them.  I teach you to use a parking lot for those ideals, brainstorms, and moments of inspiration that happen … Read more

You have your plan, now take action. 

Our quarterly planning workshop for Q2 is complete.  I usually do my planning the Friday after the workshop.  I did.  My planning is complete as well.  If you read my blog last week, you know we take our yearly goals … Read more

You have a goal, but do you have a plan?

I host quarterly planning workshops.  I teach attendees what they need to do to set goals and plan in the workshop.  Sadly, most will not do the last step.  The step that moves the goal to a plan.  Let me … Read more

Accountability done right.

I facilitate accountability groups.  I started them as a way to help entrepreneurs get through a difficult time (Pandemic). I continued them because they work.   When I set out to create my accountability group, I didn’t have it exactly right … Read more

Be gentle with yourself

If you know me, you know I love systems, processes, and productivity. One of my systems is around social media. I do the bulk of my social media once per day, and I call it my daily social time.  During … Read more

Want to know where your time goes?

Do you get to the end of the day, the week, or the month and wonder where your time went? Do you often say, “I don’t have time!”  Do you plan a productive day and then wonder why you got … Read more