Reopening and Boundaries

I sit here writing this blog optimistic that we will start to re-open soon.  The plan is in place.  The requirements are defined.  I can only hope that the government honors their plan.  On coffee dates, the conversations seem to … Read more

Staycation Take III

I try to learn from my mistakes.  I try to improve all the time.  Recently I shared how I embed the Plan–do–check–act model into my processes.  I take the same approach in many areas of my life.  In a prior blog, … Read more

We All Grow Differently

They say comparison is the thief of joy.  I agree.  Although I’m also guilty of comparison.  My business has had some setbacks.  Some as recent as the decision to rebrand.  Often the setback is me.  Regardless, it’s now where I … Read more

Happiness is a Choice

I love processes.  I love productivity.  I love creating in my business.  Yet lately, I’ve felt heavy.  Tired.  Things feel difficult.  Maybe you understand what I’m feeling.  Maybe you have been feeling it too.   I recently stumbled upon this quote:   … Read more

Structured and Flexible

Recently I wrote a blog about keeping myself on track.  I wrote about my structure and processes for creating my goals and planning my quarters, months, weeks and days.   The next week, something came across my desk talking about being … Read more

Will They Change the World?

I run an invisibility program.  A number of years ago, I identified it and declared that I was visible, I’ve done a lot (and I mean A LOT) of work to eliminate this program. It still show up sometimes but … Read more

Keeping Myself on Track

In January I attended a group strategy session. I didn’t need to go. My year was already planned. I went to see a different system, I went for the community. What I got out of the experience was the realization … Read more